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Prince - Johnny

We got a wonderful show 4 y'all 2night, uh (Alright, I love it)
But first off, before we get 2 the band
We'd like 2 bring up this nice funny young man, uh
(Look at that dog, man, give me one of them)
Jimmy Joe go'n bring out here 2 open the show {crowd boos}
Jimmy, come on out here and give us some jokes
(Naw, get him off the stage)
OK, well hold on, oh, uh, uh (Come on, man)
What did the fat lady say 2 the skinny man? (Who cares?)
(Get your white ass off the stage!)
(I paid 3 dollars man, I wanna see the band)
Oh, oh, OK, I'll, I... (Sit down)

(N.P.G.! N.P.G.! N.P.G.! ...) {crowd chants}
OK, well, ladies and gentlemen
U didn't like my jokes
I'm gonna introduce a wonderful band 2 U (Bring on the band)
They're the hottest thing I know [nowadays]
The N.P.G.! {crowd cheers}

That's right, we're the only band 2 bring it 2 U live
After rockin' the house 4 3 straight hours, huh
N.P.G., we're gonna wreck in '93 (Glam Slam, are U ready?) (Yeah!)
(I said Glam Slam, are U ready?) (Hell yeah!)

Ooh, this is nice
Yeah, I told U we would get good seats
U didn't get good seats at the restaurant
Well, well, U don't never trust nobody
Shut up bald head motherfucker
Sit, sit down here, I'ma go up here and do a song with them, sit down
Go on, go on, stay, I came 2 see Tony anyway

Fellas, fellas, throw that shit down, kick something I can sing
Yeah, now U ... (That's what I'm talkin' about)
U guys got some tootsie pops in here?
(Yo, yo, yo, we got my boy, Johnny in the house)
U got 2 have some tootsie pop, mmm, alright

Glam Slam granny with the hot pants on (Where she at?) (Hey, over here)
Give me good lovin' till after dawn
Johnny got a hat cuz he don't trust pills (Goldnigga)
(Cuz we damn skippy right)
And if U don't love me then your sister will (Gold)

Now let me hear U sing damn it!
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!) {repeat 4 times}
Come on
We gonna freak 2 the...
(1 2, tell me what 2 do)
(3 4, I'm about 2 score)
Everybody (5 6, suck up on this)
Johnny, drop it!

Tell me, tell me, tell me what am I suppose 2 do
I never had another granny look like U
Every time I see U, girl, my Johnny get hard
Harder than the handle on the rake in my yard
Harder than the brownstone brick on my house
If I ever, ever, ever get U into my mouth (Yeah)
I'll drink U like a 40 in an alcoholic's hand
Baby, can't U understand?

I'm only fantasizing cuz your love is tantalizing
And it's got me burning rubber in my pants
But I don't wanna do U till I spend the time 2 school U
On the fine art of romance
U got 2 know how 2 make love 2 me, below and above me
In the back of my BMW "Z"
The bang bang boogie, U will give it 2 me
Cuz Johnny will make U dance (Can we bring it up?)

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!) {repeat 4 times}
Give it up
We're gettin' sleazy

Shake it (Hot damn!)
Yeah, hit it fellas
Goldniggaz, this is funky
Y'all have 2 excuse me 4 a second
What, U out?
U out? I'm out

Mind if I join ya?
Aren't U supposed 2 be up there singin'?
Where's Prince?
What do U mean "Where's Prince?"
I thought he was gonna sing 2night
Ah, ain't that a bitch?
Come on, wait, come here
Tony, where is he?

Levi (In the house)
Who next on the agenda, who next on the agenda, who drop somethin'?
(Bobby Brown)
Bring it on (Bring it on)
(Morris, where U at?)
Time 2 school (Stop AIDS)
Yo Tommy, yo Tommy, what U here 4, man?

Sweet keys
(Play that motor scooter)
Say what? (Don't be a fool)
I don't know, I think we need a little self check

2007-08-18 06:28:56, Richie