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Streda 3. jún 2020 | Meniny má Karolína, zajtra Lenka › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Pratt Dave and the Sex Machine Band - Mornings Arent So Bad

Well, I get up i the morning at six o'clock
Pull on my jeans and I punch the clock
I'm not getting rich, I'm happy as can be
Yeah, minimum wage is the life for me
Well, no fancy stereo in my truck
Just two broken speakers and a lot of luck
I don't have a house, tent city's just fine
It may not be much but it's all mine
I'm not gettin' rich, I'm happy as can be
We can't afford kids but we got three
Minimum wage, that's the life for me
Yeah, minimum wage...that's the life for me
Well, clippin' coupons from the grocery store
Name brands if you can buy 'em
But generic for the poor
Can't afford to go to no fancy mall
It's the Blue Light Special, and man, that's all
Steak and lobster, don't need that jive
Hamburger Helper keeps me alive
Stand in line at the money machine
But there ain't no cash...ya know what I mean
I had a dream last night I was J. Paul Getty
Eatin' prime rib instead of spaghetti
Had a butler, a maid and bars in my cars
Saks Fifth Avenue and Visa cards
There I was in the city of Paris
Movie stars, fancy restaurants, the Eiffel Tower and me
Diamonds on my hand, had it all first rate
Franklins in my wallet, life sure was great

2007-08-18 06:23:18, Richie