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Utorok 11. august 2020 | Meniny má Zuzana, zajtra Darina › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Powerhouse - Severed

Listening to you and I'm hearing you lie again. Lookin' at you and I'm watchin' you die again. You haven't changed and I can't help but look away. Severed the ties and I've got nothing more to say. Novel are friends to a fiend with his soul to sell. Priorities lost in a haze where chose to dwell. You haven't changed and I can't help but look away. Severed the ties ... I severed the ties. Betray your friends and you betray yourself. You look around and there is no one else. But time goes on and I won't stand still. Take your path and do your will. But this time you'll go alone. What you had is what you thrown. Don't you know fools die alone, and you're the fool that I had known. Betray your friends and betray yourself. Forced to live in your own hell. The bonds that once held us together, are now slowly tearing apart. Once we were tight as brothers. But if fear you're still lost in the dark. This the last time. My patience worn thin. You close the door. Now you want back in. I can't have that. Won't here what you say. What we once had just can't be today.

2007-08-18 06:22:57, Richie