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Play - Don't Get Down Like That (From Single)

No, no, no

I know the story and I've read the book
I knew the game with just one look
What you're all about
There could be no doubt
You know I got someone it's plain to see
But even still ya try to talk to me
Like ya didn't know, boy it's time to go
I told you the scenario
I made it crystal clear
I spelled it out from A to Z
Which part of no don't you hear?

I told you I'm already taken
And that's a move I won't be makin'
I made a vow I'm never breakin'
It's a matter of fact, that I don't get down like that
Ya know I got a one and only
And you don't really even know me,
Every day you try to phone me,
And I never call back cuz I don't get down like that

Oh, yeah...

2007-08-18 06:17:19, Richie