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Phish - Sand

If you can heal the symptoms
but not affect the cause
it's quite a bit like trying to heal
the gunshot wound with gauze
if you instead attempt to rest
the pistol from the hand
then I would not be able to
equate my life with sand

Flowing through the hourglass
pushing through the funnel
turn once more and racing
all your siblings for the tunnel
slide and let the silicone
embrace you as you fall
then bounce around
and let your brothers
crush you to the wall

I would choose my own religion
worship my own spirit
but if he ever preached to me
I wouldn't want to hear it
I'd drop him a forgotten god
languishing in shame
and then if I hit stormy seas
I'd have myself to blame

If you can heal the symptoms,
but not affect the cause
you can't heal the symptoms

2007-08-18 06:12:03, Richie