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Pfr - Didn't He

(Verse 1)
Do you feel like you wake up everyday
To watch your life slide right by
Is it slipping away
Does the question call to your mind
Are you just doing time
Could there be a better way

I say yes
You say maybe
But you've got to know

(Chorus )
Do you want to know love tonight
Isn't it's time you had true love
And wouldn't you like a little piece in your life
Well... wouldn't you
Are you gonna know love tonight
Or will it you stand in the corner again
Do you want to know love tonight

(Verse 2)
Did she come into your life
Did she walk into view
Just to walk out on you
Did he promise he would stay
Now he's driving away
Could any love be true

I say yes
You say I doubt it
But you've got to know

(Repeat Chorus)

Only one love is true
That's the love God has for you
Only one love is real
In His Son it was revealed
Only one love will stay
Even when you walk away
Only one love will stand
Can you gave this love a chance

(Repeat Chorus)

2007-08-18 06:09:39, Richie