" Kniha citátov nebude nikdy kompletná..."
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Texty piesní od peter-cetera

» (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight
» After All
» And I Think Of You
» Apple Of Your Daddy's Eye
» Baby What A Big Surprise
» Best Of Times
» Big Mistake
» Body Language (There In The Dark)
» Daddy's Girl
» Dip Your Wings
» Do You Love Me That Much?
» End Of Camelot
» Even A Fool Can See
» Evil Eye
» Faithfully
» Feels Like Heaven
» Feels Like Rain
» Glory Of Love
» Happy Man
» Have A Little Faith
» Have You Ever Been In Love?
» Heaven Help This Lonely Man
» Holding Out
» Holy Moly
» How Many Times
» I Can Feel It
» I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye)
» I'm Coming Home
» If You Leave Me Now
» It's Only Love
» Ivy Covered Walls
» Just Like Love
» Last Place God Made
» Livin' In The Limelight
» Man In Me
» Mona Mona
» Next Time I Fall
» No Explanation
» No Explination
» Not Afraid To Cry
» On The Line
» One Clear Voice
» One Good Woman
» One More Story
» Only Heaven Knows
» Only Love Knows Why
» Peace Of Mind
» Perfect World
» Practical Man
» Queen Of The Masquerade Ball
» Rain Love
» Restless Heart
» Rule the World
» S.O.S.
» Save Me
» She Doesn't Need Me Anymore
» Scheherazade
» Solitude/Solitaire
» Stay With Me
» Still Getting Over You
» The End Of Camelot
» The Last Place God Made
» The Lucky Ones
» The Next Time I Fall
» They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
» Wake Up To Love
» Wanna Be There
» Whatever Gets You Through (Your Life)
» When There's No Tomorrow
» Wild Ways
» World Falling Down
» You Never Listen To Me
» You're The Inspiration