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Pet Shop Boys - You Choose

He's gone
You've lost
Stay behind
and count the cost
You try
You lose
You don't all in love by chance
You choose

Is't a decision
made over time
Should you take a risk
and start to climb
the steepest hill
only to find
halfway there
you've been left behind?

Choosing to love
is risking a lot
and trying to change
and to give all you've got
But don't pretend
it comes out of the blue
You take a chance
and see it though
and if it's refused
what can you do?
Cuntinue hopefully?
Start anew?

Lick your wounds
Buy your booze
You wont get drunk by accident
You'll choose

Don't blame him
for refusing you bid
He didn't decide to love
You did

Lear the lesson
Take the blows
You didin't fall in love by chance
You chose
Play the sad songs
Sing the blues
You don't fall in love by chance
You choose

2007-08-18 06:06:19, Richie