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Pearl Jam - Other Side

It's not the same without you up here
Can't find my wheels
Your absence is what breeds this fear
Warm breath and all it steals

You can't know how it feels to be in here
All the dark horse fields, befriendin' me

Playin' ain't the same without you here
We've come to hate the golden rule
Cannot seem to make the dots connect
The morning light don't show you near

You can't know what it's like to bleed from here
The blackened world goes white, it goes nowhere

Oooh Hoo.. (x4)

Death ain't the same without you, dear
I make the others run and hide
New York streets seem to make it worse
All this noise inside the quiet

I can't hold on, the weight you bear
My body's broken fast, please lift me up

You can't know what it's like to be inside
Your fading melodies can't beat my need

I'm not the same without you here
How can i quit to be there
Sit and stare
Begging for a prayer

2007-08-18 06:02:09, Richie