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Texty piesní od patty-loveless

» A Handful Of Dust
» A Little Bit In Love
» A Little On The Lonley Side
» A Thousand Times A Day
» After All
» All I Need (Is Not To Need You)
» Away In A Manger
» Baby's Gone Blues
» Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
» Blame It On Your Heart
» Blue Is Not A Word
» Blue Memories
» Blue Side Of Town
» Can't Get Enough
» Daniel Prayed
» Don't Toss Us Away
» Everybody's Equal In The Eyes Of Love
» Feelin' Good About Feelin' Bad
» Feelings Of Love
» Fly Away
» Go On
» God Will
» Half Over You
» Halfway Down
» Here I Am
» High On Love
» How About You
» How Can I Help You (To Say Goodbye?)
» Hurt Me Bad (In A Real Good Way)
» Chains
» Cheap Whiskey
» Christmas Time's A Comin'
» I Already Miss You (Like You're Already Gone)
» I Came Straight To You
» I Can't Get You Off My Mind
» I Can't Stop Myself From Loving You
» I Did
» I Don't Want To Feel Like That
» I Just Wanna Be Loved By You
» I Know You're Married
» I Miss Who I Was (With You)
» I Try To Think About Elvis
» I Won't Gamble With Your Love
» I'll Never Grow Tired Of You
» I'm On Your Side
» I'm That Kind Of Girl
» I've Got To Stop Loving You (And Start Living Again)
» If It's The Last Thing I Do
» If My Heart Had Windows
» If You Don't Want Me
» If You Think
» Jealous Bone
» Joy To The World (Patty Loveless with Jon Randall)
» Like Water Into Wine
» Little Drummer Boy (Patty Loveless with Rebecca Lynn Howard)
» Lonely To Long
» Lonely Too Long
» Long Stretch of Lonesome
» Lonley Days, Lonley Nights
» Lonley Side Of Love
» Looking In The Eyes Of Love
» Love Builds The Bridges (Pride Builds The Walls)
» Mr. Man In The Moon
» My Heart Will Never Break This Way Again
» Nobody Loves You Like I Do
» Nothing But The Wheel
» O Little Town Of Bethlehem
» Old Weakness (Coming On Strong)
» On Down The Line
» Once In A Lifetime
» Out of Control Raging Fire
» Out Of Control Raging Fire Feat, Travis Tritt
» Over My Shoulder
» Overtime
» Pieces Of The Ground
» Pieces On The Ground
» Pretty Little Miss
» Rise Up Lazarus
» She Drew A Broken Heart
» She Never Stopped Loving Him
» Ships
» Silent Night
» Silver Bells
» Slow Healin' Heart
» So Good To Be In Love
» Some Blue Moons Ago
» Someday I Will Lead The Parade
» Someone I Used to Know
» Sorrowful Angels
» Soul of Constant Sorrow
» Sounds Of Loneliness
» Strong Heart
» Tear Stained Letter
» That's Exactly What I Mean
» That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In
» The Boys Are Back In Town
» The First Noel
» The Key Of Love
» The Last Thing On My Mind
» The Night's Too Long
» The Party Ain't Over Yet
» The Richest Fool Alive
» The Trouble With The Truth
» Thirsty (Patty Loveless/Travis Tritt)
» Thristy
» Timber I'm Falling In Love
» To Feel That Way At All
» To Have You Back Again
» Too Many Memories
» Two Coats
» Waitin' For The Phone To Ring
» What's A Broken Heart
» When The Fallen Angels Fly
» Where I'm Bound
» Wicked Ways
» Workin' Man's Hands
» You Are Everything
» You Can Feel Bad
» You Can't Run Away From Your Heart
» You Don't Even Know Who I Am
» You Don't Get No More
» You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
» You Don't Seem To Miss Me
» You Saved Me
» You Will
» You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
» You're All I Think About
» You're So Cool