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Party - Life Aint Nothing but a Party

Take the time, girl, to look me in the eye.
C'mon and let me in on what's on your mind.
I need to know before you turn away.
I lost my heart deep in your soul. Will your love leave me hanging cold?
Baby, don't leave me this way.
Every time I think of you, my pulse races time, and next to you
I feel naked, girl, like I've got no shame.
It's out of my heart and hands. I'm out of my mind to be falling again.
I've tried to say stop but it's bigger than me, so ready or not, I've got to
It's out of my heart.
I walk around, walk all through the crowd and look around,
Try not to think about how much I want you and how it feels inside.
I said no one would ever hold me down but I don't know if you were around.
Baby, can't you see? Look what you've done to me, oh.
I just want you by my side, girl. You're my drug, no choice this time.
I hear your voice and all I can say is?
It's out of my heart, girl. There's nothing I can do.
Take your time and you will see that I'm the one for you, baby.
Look into your heart and you will know my love is true, baby.

2007-08-18 06:24:40, Richie