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P.O.D. - Set Your Eyes To Zion

Back in the day when man he paved the way
Fell in temptation, sin spread through the nation
Lead me salvation, and pierce the palms of holy hands
Who is the son of man? take me to the promised land
Where I and I free, Jah set my mind at ease
I stay cool in the shade even at 96 degrees
You must believe and plant this seed of wisdom
Stick to the track and don't be trapped by Babylon

Chorus: (2x)
Set your eyes to Zion
Jah Jah people ride on

Forgive them Lord, for they not know
That what they do, people blame it on you
Can't understand why dem so mad
Dem heart get cold, empty with no soul
But I've begun to search for One
Giver of life, and I recognize
To be with you, (forever I'll be with you)
In paradise, Zion I set my eyes

Chorus (2x)

We set our eyes to Zion,
Jah Jah people ride on
We set our eyes to Zion,
Jah Jah people ride on

Tell me Mr. Deadman?
Do you have the answer?
How we can get to Heaven?
Do you have the answer?
Hey Mr. Deadman
I'll tell you if you wanna know,
How you can get to Heaven?
Believe in I Jah Jah son


2007-08-18 05:53:07, Richie