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One Voice - When U Think About Me

I know you want me
I've got your mind paralyzed
Is it infactuation that keeps you awake at night

When you think about me,
Do you think about us
Falling in love,
Do you want to get with me with me
Do you think about me (tell me Tell me)
do you think about us
and making love do you want to get with me with me

when you sleep at night does monica star in your dreams
Are you thinking of me all the time what does it mean
Do you fantasize to your surprise and there I am
Making you realize that deep inside you wanna be my man
Are you still playing childish games or you're all grown up
Because my appetite says too much is not enough
I'm curious and I don't mean to make a fuss
But I think about you, Do you think about us

When you day dream does sweet Marie stay on your mind
Or do you find yourself wishing you were here by my side
Do you wonder is it's possible to get me alone
But don't just hit me on my pager or my cell telephone
When you're at the club is there no one else that turns you one
The way you're looking at me I can tell you want to get it on
I'm curious and I wanna to feel your touch
I think about you, do you think about Us

All day all i want to do is spend my time with you
All night I know you want to get with me too
Do you think about me the way that I think about you
You deserve me like nobody else will ever do
When you think about me (X 2)


2007-08-18 05:47:14, Richie