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Olsen Twins - Sand Sand Glorious Sand

You can't go skiing if you haven't got snow.
You will get nowhere real fast.
And golf as a sport is useless of course,
If there just wasn't grass.
And dirt can be lovely and rocks can be fun.
But you don't understand.
The ocean would be such a terrible place if there just wasn't sand.

Sand, sand, glorious sand.
You can squish it in your toes.
You can sift it through your hands.
The grass may be greener, and the snow my be grand,
But we're just crazy about sand.
Look at the people having fun on the beach.
Shovels in their hands and pails within reach.
Building a castle is never a hassle.
If you have tons of oh, oh, oh, oh...


Cover me up from my neck to my toes.
But please don't cover my eyes or my nose.
I'll stay here for days just soaking up rays.
As long as you can cover me up with oh, oh, oh, oh...


Sand in my shoes and sand in my socks.
When the sand is hot watch me hop scotch.
And I can sure dance with sand in my pants.
All I really want is to oh, oh, oh, oh...


But we're all just crazy about sand.
We're all just crazy about sand.

2007-08-18 05:46:19, Richie