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Štvrtok 6. august 2020 | Meniny má Jozefína, zajtra Štefánia › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Olsen Twins - Our Dog Has Eaten Our Homework

Let me take you to the scene of the crime.
Show you where it all began.
I'd just finished a twenty page project all about Japan.
I left it on the table when I went to bed.
In the morning I could not believe my eyes.
It was all over the floor.
You might just say, it was bite-sized.

Don't you know that my dog,
He ate my homework, that ole rascal Clue.
I've been working on this for a month or more,
And I finally got it right.
Why didn't somebody feed that dog last night?
The teacher said "Class, bring up your work.
You know today it's due."
I said "Teacher, oh dear teacher, can I talk to you?"
She said "I do not want to hear your excuses,
Like so many times before.
If you don't have it finished,
You can go and see the principal's door."


2007-08-18 05:46:19, Richie