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Olsen Twins - Mummies Have Mommies Too

When a monster's walking toward you,
With his big arms open wide,
You really shouldn't be afraid.
No, you don't need to hide.
He probably only wants a hug,
A little love from you.
So before you scream,
remember that mummies have mommies too.

Yes, mummies have mommies to wrap them when they're cold.
Yes, mummies have mommies, they're just really, really old.
And vampires have daddies to with in the park,
Who make sure they never ever step outside unless it's dark.
Frankenstein was frankly fine, just misunderstood.
Ghosts are generally gracious hospitable and good.
Werewolves are just hairy guys who really need a shave.
Godzilla was a sweet reptile, I know he didn't mean to misbehave.


One, two, three you see.
Gremlins are only grumpy when they cant find junk food.
Goolies only need cartoons to put them in a better mood.
Big foot is just a big ole boy, born in Sasquachewan.
He's practically a shortie compared to ole King Kong.

The thing in the swamp is swimming beneath the shimmery moon,
and playing with his buddy that came from the dark lagoon.
Loch Ness isn't stuck-up, and cyclops had no say,
About where Mother Nature put his eyes.


Not that you put it that way, they don't seem quite as scary.
I guess they just can't help it if they're ten foot tall and hairy.
Every living creature has someone to hold them dear.
And mummies have mommies, so that's how they get here!

Mummies have mommies. Mummies have mommies.
Mummies have mommies. Yeah!

2007-08-18 05:46:19, Richie