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Piatok 28. február 2020 | Meniny má Zlatica, zajtra Radomír › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Olsen Twins - How The West Was Fun

That winter was a bad one,
for thirty days it snowed,
the minute school was over,
we packed the care and hit the road.

It teetered there, the worse for wear.
A dude ranch in decay, the bunk house leaked,
the stable reeked, I loved it right away.

How the west was fun, like a leap from a haystack.
How the west was fun, like a rodeo, like a flapjack!
I knew my heart had found it,
I knew my search was done.
Oh, oh, oh how the west was fun!
I took a ride on Suicide, that was my trusty steed.
Knocked down three tents, and electric fence.
And started a stampede.

Then the hail storm and the locust swarm
that blotted out the sun.
The quicksand pool was also cool!
And this was just day one!


Saddle up! Westward ho!
Let the station wagon roll!
I'm one lucky daughter of a gun!
Oh, oh, oh, how the west was fun!
The lumpy bumps, the bats and skunks,
the slimy things that lurk.
The sing alongs, those hokey songs,
For me, the whole thing worked.


Oh, oh, oh, how the west was fun!
Westward ho! (to fade)

2007-08-18 05:46:26, Richie