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Utorok 29. september 2020 | Meniny má Michal, Michaela, zajtra Jarolím › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Nordenstam Stina - The Return of Alan Bean

I'm out of my senses
I'll only smile
The night I meet the man with the gun
Not that I'd be defenceless
but I don't think I'll fight
The night I meet the man with the gun
Maybe I'll say What kept you?
I knew you would come
I somehow didn't expect to
Be spared for so long
Was it a whim of fortune
Or was I hard to find
What's the routine of a man with a gun
Was it a kind of torture
Have you been out of town
What is like to a man with a gun
Maybe I'm glad to see you
It's hard to believe
but standing here beside you
is such a relief
This is gonna hurt me
I do know why you've come
but I got this feeling
that it's already been done

2007-08-18 05:35:57, Richie