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Nits Bis - Think It Over

And if you say it isn't hurting
Oh if you say you do not care
And all the tears that you have showed me
You don't mean it - you don't care
And so many times you
Fell in a tender trap
Though you are coming back
You better pack all your suitcases you saved
For this rainy day
You're caught between two streams of traffic
You're tasting liquors never brewed
The drives of love the drives of hunger
They control your changing mood
Look straight in my eyes
And show that hold-it-smile
A new victim in your file
You better tell me
All your thoughts on packing
So many things to say
Oh oh oh someday
Oh oh oh someday
Oh oh oh someday you'll stay
The autumn chapter of a novel
And soon the roads are deep in snow
I know it's late, I have to see you
I like to talk before you go
And so many times
We missed the happy end
I couldn't understand
But when you come back I am sure
I will fall in your tender trap

2007-08-18 05:32:21, Richie