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Nits Bis - Silly Fool

(Hofstede/Kloet/Stips - Hofstede)
My aunt is living in the country in a house by the water
That's the place where I learned to swim
When the uncle was still living he kept his prize winning chickens
That looked like waiters in black & white
I was sleeping in the attic between the preservation bottles
And my cousin with peroxidized hair
The boys next door were standing on a tyre of an aeroplane
In the middle of the river in their Sunday suits
Pelican & Penguin you are wakening me up
My uncle he was reading lots of pocket books
He had one shelf for Penguin and one shelf for Pelican
When he was dead and buried my aunt gave me the books
She didn't care too much for reading
And nowadays when I travel I always take one of each
I look at the back and make my choice

2007-08-18 05:32:19, Richie