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Texty piesní od new-edition

» A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)
» A Million To One
» A Thousand Miles Away
» All For Love
» Baby Love
» Before I Let You Go
» Blue Moon
» Boys To Men
» Bring Back The Memories
» Can You Stand The Rain
» Candy Girl
» Competition
» Cool It Now
» Count Me Out
» Crucial
» Delicious
» Do What I Gotta Do
» Duke Of Earl
» Earth Angel
» Gimme Your Love
» Give Love On Christmas Day
» Gotta Have Your Lovin’
» Hear Me Out
» Hey There Lonely Girl
» Hit Me Off
» Home Again
» How Do You Like Your Love Served
» I'm Comin' Home
» I'm Leaving You Again
» I'm Still In Love With You
» If It Isn't Love
» Im Still In Love With Youne
» Intro To That's The Way We're Livin
» Is This The End
» It's Christmas (All Over The World)
» Jealous Girl
» Kinda Girls We Like
» Let's Be Friends
» Lost In Love
» Maryann
» Mr. Telephone Man
» My Secret
» N.E. Heartbreak
» Oh Yeah, It Feels So Good
» Old Friends
» One More Day
» Ooh Baby
» Popcorn Love
» Rock Wit'cha
» Roni
» She Gives Me A Bang
» Shop Around
» Should Have Never Told Me
» School
» Siempre Tu
» Since I Don't Have You
» Singing Merry Christmas
» Something About You
» Something In Your Eyes
» Superlady
» Tears On My Pillow
» Thank You (The J.G.Interlude)
» That's The Way We're Livin'
» Tighten It Up
» Try Again
» What's Your Name
» When Will I See You Smile Again?
» Where It All Started
» Whispers In Bed
» Who Do You Trust
» With You All The Way
» You Don't Have To Worry
» You're Not My Kind Of Girl