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Sobota 24. júl 2021 | Meniny má Vladimír, zajtra Jakub › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Napalm Death - Distorting the Medium

Domesticate me
Into your ideal creation
Fondle me
When in need of attention
Brutalise me
As a target for your aggression
Inject me
With your putrid diseases
Stretch my senses
Beyond the peak of insanity
Why practice methods of prevention
When I can pay for your hideous mistakes?
Blind me
With cosmetic filth
To form the mask that hides your guilt
Insecure, uncaring clowns
Your dolled-eyes don't see
The suffering I've prolonged
For your wretched vanity
Chew on my flesh
With perverted lust
Display to me
The depths of your compassion
As you excrete
My digested corpse
Into the shit-pan
My place of rest.

2007-08-18 05:04:34, Richie