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Myra - Christmas Isn't Christmas (Since You Said Goodbye)

I could open one hundred presents
Underneath the Christmas Tree
But you know that's not the essence
Of what Christmas means to me
And my tears are falling harder
Than the snowflakes from the sky
Because Christmas isn't Christmas
Since You Said Goodbye

I've been asked to lots of parties
To celebrate the season
But what's the sense if you're not there
I can't find a reason
I'd rather spend Christmas night at home
pretending you are near
'Cause Christmas isn't Christmas
Since you said goodbye

I've seen the Christmas fires burning
And the houses filled w/ laughter
Why can't we hold each other
And have our happily ever after?
Why should a word or two of anger
Break two hearts apart
'Cause we can build our dreams again
This Christmas we can start

I've tried to send you letters
And to call you on the phone
Nothing seems to make things better
I'm left crying here alone
I've seen so many lovers
Seal a Christmas love forever
But my Christmas isn't Christmas
Since you said goodbye

Christmas isn't Christmas
Since you said goodbye

2007-08-18 05:00:08, Richie