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Texty piesní od murray-mclauchlin

» As Lonely As You
» Barroom Ladies And Michaelangelos
» Born Again
» Brown-Eyed Man
» Burned Out Car
» Columbus
» Cryin' To Me
» Desire
» Dirty Boulevard
» Disappearing
» Do You Dream Of Being Somebody
» Down By The Henry Moore
» Falling Off A High Wire
» Farmer's Song
» Gettin' Harder To Get Along
» Gypsy Boy
» Hard Rock Town
» Heart Upon His Sleeve
» Heroes
» Highway One
» Highways In The Sky
» Honey Let's Get Up And Dance
» Horses Sure Can Thrill You
» How Many Times Can A Fridge Break Down
» I Put Away My Gun
» If The Wind Could Blow My Troubles Away
» La Guerre C'est Fini Pour Moi
» Lady Luck
» Little Brothers Of The Woods
» Maybe Tonight
» Met You At The Bottom
» Moonlighting
» Nassau Town
» Next In Line
» No Change In Me
» On The Boulevard
» On Your Last Go 'round
» One Who's In The Past
» Poor Boys
» Raggad Hobo Bums
» Railroad Man
» Rock N' Roll
» Sayonara Maverick
» Secrets In Your Heart
» Shoeshine Workin' Song
» Slingback Shoes
» Smoke On The Wind
» Somebody That You Used To Love
» Somebody's Long Lonely Night
» Song For Captain Keast
» Straight Outta Midnight
» Stranger
» Sweeping The Spotlight Away
» Taking My Leave
» Tell Your Mother She Wants You
» Ten Thousand Miles From Shore
» The Man Who Sings The Blues
» To The End Of The Road
» Train Song
» Try Walkin' Away
» Well Well Well
» What Would Bogey Do
» When The Taxman Comes
» When You're Young (And You Don't Know Nothing)
» Where The Sweet Waters Flow
» Whispering Rain
» White Water
» Wouldn't Take Another Chance On Love
» You Can't Win
» You Need A New Lover Now
» You've Got No Time