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Nedeľa 5. júl 2020 | Dnes je Sviatok sv. Cyrila a Metoda › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Molly Hatchet - Down from the Mountain

JR lived out in the woods all his natural born life
Ma & Pa kept him working no time to take a wife
Kept him working - work it hard boy
He couldn't take it no more he said hey I'm going away
I got a date with lady luck gonna see what she has to say

Down from the mountain wild in the streets
First trip to the big city it ain't nothing but doggone pity
Looking for a little company

Cleaned his truck got it all gassed up
Till it would blind you from the shine
Scrubbed himself down put his Sunday pants on
Hot damn he was ready to ride

Down from the mountain wild in the streets
Said hey baby what's your name said I want
to jump in your game
Looking for a little company

Chorus repeat

Well I saw the dragon lady she was walking up to me
Said good God Almighty baby Lord have mercy
What a sight she was to see
She gave me a wink of her eye said boy won't you come on in
She had a face that looked like an angel but her body was built for sin

Chorus repeat

2007-08-18 05:16:49, Richie