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Texty piesní od modern-talking

» 10 Seconds to Countdown
» A Telegram to Your Heart
» After your love is gone
» All I Have
» And the Angels Sing in New York City
» Angie's Heart
» Anything is Possible
» Arabian Gold
» Arlantis is Calling
» Atlantis
» Atlantis is calling (S.O.S. for love)
» Avec toi
» Bells of Paris
» Blinded by Your Love
» Blue Eyed Coloured Girl
» Brother Louie
» Can't Get Enough
» Can't let you go
» Cosmic girl
» Diamonds Never Made A Lady
» Do You Wanna
» Do you wanna ?
» Doctor for My Haert
» Doctor for My Heart
» Don't Give Up
» Don't Let It Get You Down
» Don't Let Me Down
» Don't Let Me Go
» Don't lose my number
» Don't Make Me Blue
» Don't Play With My Heart
» Don't take away my heart
» Don't Worry
» Fight for the right love
» Fly to Moscow
» Fly to the moon
» For Alway's And Ever
» Geronimo's Cadillac
» Girl out of my dreams
» Give Me Peace on Earth
» Good Girls Go to Heaven
» Good Girls Go To Heaven - Bad Girls Go To Everywhere
» Heaven Will Know
» Hey You
» Higher Than Heaven
» How You Mend A Broken Heart
» Charlene
» Cheri
» Cheri, Cheri Lady
» China in her eyes
» China in her eyes ( Ft Eri )
» I Can't Give You More
» I Will Follow You
» I'll never fall in love again
» I'll Never Give You Up
» I'm Gonna Be Strong
» I'm not guilty
» I'm So Much In Love
» If I...
» In 100 Years
» In 100 Years (Reprise)
» In Hundred Years
» In Shaire
» It Hurts So Good
» It's Christmas
» It's your smile
» Jet Airliner
» Juliet
» Just Close Your Eye's
» Just Like An Angel
» Just We Two
» Just We Two (Mona Lisa)
» Keep Love Alive
» Ladi Lai
» Let's Talk About Love
» Like a Hero
» Locomotion Tango
» Lonely Tears in Chinatown
» Love Don't Live Here Anymore
» Love is forever
» Love Is Like A Rainbow
» Love to Love You
» Lucky Guy
» Mrs. Robota
» My lonely girl
» No face no name no number
» One in a Million
» Only Love Can Break My Heart
» Operator Gimme 609
» Part time lover
» Princess Of The Night
» Ready for the Victory
» Riding On A White Swan
» Riding on the White Swan
» Romantic Warriors
» Rouge Et Noir
» Save Me - Don't Break Me
» Sexy, Sexy Lover
» Slow Motion
» Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere
» Summer in December
» Sweet Little Sheila
» Taxi Girl
» Ten Thousand Lonely Dreams
» Ten Thousand Lonely Drums
» The Modern Talking Space Mix
» The Night Is Yours, The Night Is Mine
» The No.1 Hit Melody
» There's Too Much Blue In Missing You
» Time is on my side
» Walking in the rain of Paris
» We Are Children of the World
» We Still Have Dreams
» We Take the Chance
» When the Sky Rained Fire
» Who Will Love You Like I Do
» Who Will Save the World
» Why Did You Do It Just Tonight
» Why Did You Just Do It Just Tonight
» Wild, Wild Water
» With a Little Love
» You And Me
» You Are Not Alone
» You Can Win if You Want
» You Van Win if You Want
» You're My Heart - Your're My Soul
» You're My Heart, You're My Soul
» You're Not Lisa
» You're The Lady Of My Heart