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Misdemeanor - One Minute Man

I don't want,
I don't need,
I can't stand no minute man,
I don't want no minute man,
Oh here's your chance be a man take my hand understand?!
I don't want no minute man.

I'ma make you love me,
make you want me,
and I'ma give you some attention,
now follow my intuition,
what you wishin' see I'ma keep you up all night,
for a long time so I'm countin' away.

Chorus 3x

Break me off,
show me what you got,
cuz I don't want no one minute man

Tonight I'ma give it to you,
flow it to you,
I want you to come prepared,
oh yeah,
boy it's been a long time,
crazy long time,
and I don't want no minute man ,
and that's real give it to me some more.

Chorus 3x

It's time to set your clock back as
'bout as long as you can
I stop daylight
it's Ludacris the Maintainance Man
get your oil changed
I check fluids and transmission,
you one minute fool
and you wonder why ya'll missing
on the back of milk cartons
with no rewards, no regards
close but its no cigars
a hard head makes a soft ass
but a hard dick makes the sex last,
I jump into pools and make a big splash,
water overflowing so get your head right
it's all in your mind punk so keep your head tight,
enough with tips and advice and thangs
I'mma Big Dog havin' women seeing strips and thangs
go to sleep starts snoring counting sheep and shit
they so wet they body start to leak and shit
just cuz I'm an all nighter, shoot all fire
Ludacris balance and rotate all tires.



You know lil mama aint with that quick shit
you better break break me off
stiff tongue and stiff dick
one minute, two minutes, three minutes...
Hell no. to please me you gotta sleep in it
I see you top the look game
and you play hard
but if i put this thing on ya,
can you stay hard?
If not you better keep your day job
cuz I am lookin' for a man to make me say
I'm all class
and you know this: I'll work your ass out
like arobics,
so baby stay focused
start off slow
then speed it up
baby show me what you got
is you a g or what?
If you can't beat it up
Eat it up
Put a cherry on top Whip Cream it up

note from lizzie: regina u retard, u don't know how to spell!

2007-08-18 04:36:12, Richie