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Meat Puppets - Like Being Alive

Fiery spider
Candy stars in bloom
Crystal fire fractures
Sparks into the room
Shadow seams have opened
Right inside the blaze to
Catch the spinning
Flaming river
Burning in the sky
Falls in silence
Over land to dry
Gathering the elephants
Turning light to day
Beneath the current
Essence of the will
Time and fire
Turning burning still
Upon the hour table
Dreams of light are laid
But I'm not sleeping
It's out of wire
It's undergrown
It's out of line
It's just a question
Of what you know
Too good, too real
Five aces, a square deal
It's what it is
N' what it's not
And all in all
It's just a question
Of what you got

2007-08-18 04:51:41, Richie