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Mdo - Groove With Me Tonight

You came to me without a warning
without a doubt, you were the one for me
Cause I can feel this fire burning
I knew I couldn't live
(another night)
and never knowing
(if I could be)
your every fantasy
(I must confess)
now that you're with me
I want to set this passion free

This feeling, controls me
It drives me crazy
Just let me take over
Don't fear it, baby
The moment is burning
You must surrender
It's now or never, girl

Groove with me tonight
make it right
All I'm asking is a little more
Just one touch, of your body
Groove with me
It feels right
Don't deny it
You know you must surrender, girl
It's now or never

You must surrender

You're next to me
the heat is flowing
And I can see
you want this more than me
(Just come to me)
My love is waiting
I want to set this passion free

This feeling controls me....

2007-08-18 04:49:27, Richie