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Piatok 24. máj 2019 | Meniny má Ela, zajtra Urban › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Matthew Good Band - Suburbia

you will come back
within yourself
you can be art
when we melt
and i will know what you were for
i say we're leaving
and there ain't nothing here at all
another day, a week, the mall
and baby if i was in demand
you would be mine

someday this place is gonna burn
is your whole life i there waiting
someday your head is gonna turn
and you'll realize i'm missing
do you realize?

you will come back
convince yourself
you can stay alive and wait for me
and i will know what this was for
and i'll say we're leaving
there ain't nothing here at all
another month, a year, thats all
so you can tell them i'm coming
and hell's coming with me

someday this place is gonna burn
is your whole life in there waiting
someday their heads are gonna turn
and they'll realize
you're missing

Secret Live Verse 1:

Sweet I'm sleepy
It feels like the real thing
The doctors are confident the pills always win
It's like constantly travelling
Though you don't see a thing
And the parts of you forgotten are all unearthed

2007-08-18 04:47:05, Richie