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Štvrtok 23. máj 2019 | Meniny má Želmíra, zajtra Ela › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Matthew Good Band - House Of Smoke And Mirrors

There's a house
There's the doorway
Been locked out
The lights are out anyway
At loosly recondition
To be just so refined
And last grasp at the life worth living
In these standard shoes and what's left of my lines

And you can see right through me(x3)

I been thinkin'
Why don't we get out of here
Get in the car
And just start driving
Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke...right

I've fallen asleep again
And I when I wake up you won't be here
Don't you think I don't know why
I've been asleep for years

And you can see right through me(x3)

2007-08-18 04:47:11, Richie