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Nedeľa 25. október 2020 | Meniny má Aurel, zajtra Demeter › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Mary Wells - Your Old Stand By

[Sugar J]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo
Check me out, yo
This is J 'Sug', yo
I know you been around the world, man
I don't fuck wit' the sheisty niggas
I don't fuck wit' the sheisty hoes
I done did it all, nigga

Yo, what would make a scared man pull a trigga'?
The same thing that make a scared man act bigga'
The same thing that make me grab my tec and empty quicker
Adrenaline rush, on the hush
You will die fuckin' wit' us
Vacant lot is my home and In my team I trust
So don't talk about them things if yo' things don't bust
I knew a guy like you, his name was Filipe
Had me on 3-way with the D.A.
Tryin' to find out where we stay
So on my 24th b-day I'm locked up in V.A.
He don't know my guns turn commotion to slow motion
Then from slow motion to no motion
Run up in the place he hip hoppin'
Spit shots in, clip droppin', if I get caught, get Cochran
And give Pedro my pesos so he don't snitch while I lay low
For 'bout a week or two
Come back like peek-a-boo, you see me, I see you
And if you talk, you be in ICU

Yo, yo, this Cardan
I know you know a hundred brotha's that sheisty
Like I know a hundred brotha's that's real
But I think it's time you know how we chill

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2007-08-18 04:44:23, Richie