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Mary Mary - Ordinary People

I'm just ordinary people
who found extraordinary love
Sometimes it's hard to believe
That God keeps loving me so much
Verse 1:
There are so many people i look up to
Used to tell them i wanna be just like you
Then God took ordinary
And gave me a chance
And everyday i gotta thank him fro where i am
Verse 2:
i looked in the mirror, i saw average
You looked down from heaven, you saw a gift
Still can't figure out why you
Loved me so but that's what makes you God
I'll never know cause
Verse 3:
Listen to me, I can tell you hoe it goes
God can take a nobody who no one knows
Make 'em more than you ever could be
Ask me how i know he did it for me

2007-08-18 04:44:16, Richie