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Texty piesní od mary-chapin-carpenter

» 10,000 Miles
» A Keeper For Every Flame
» A Lot Like Me
» A Place In The World
» A Road Is Just A Road
» Almost Home
» Alone But Not Lonely
» Can't Take Love For Granted
» Come On Come On
» Come On Home
» Down At The Twist And Shout
» Down In Mary's Land
» Downtown Train
» Dreamland
» Family Hands
» Going Out Tonight
» Goodbye Again
» Grow Old With Me
» Halley Came to Jackson
» He Thinks He'll Keep Her
» Hero In Your Own Hometown
» Heroes and Heroines
» Hometown Girl
» House Of Cards
» How Do
» I Am A Town
» I Can See It Now
» I Feel Lucky
» I Take My Chances
» I Want To Be Your Girlfriend
» Ideas Are Like Stars
» In The Name Of Love
» It Don’t Bring You
» John Doe No. 24
» Jubilee
» Just Because
» Keeping The Faith
» King Of Love
» Late For Your Life
» Let Me Into Your Heart
» Maybe World
» Middle Ground
» Naked To The Eye
» Never Had It So Good
» Not Too Much To Ask
» Only A Dream
» Other Streets And Other Towns
» Outside Looking In
» Party Doll
» Passionate Kisses
» Quittin' Time
» Read My Lips
» Right Now
» Shut Up And Kiss Me
» Simple Life
» Slave To The Beauty
» Slow Country Dance
» Someone Else's Prayer
» Something of a Dreamer
» Stones In The Road
» Sudden Gift Of Fate
» Swept Away
» Tender When I Want To Be
» That's Real
» The Better To Dream Of You
» The Bug
» The Dreaming Road
» The End Of My Pirate Days
» The Hard Way
» The Last Word
» The Long Way Home
» The Moon and St. Christopher
» The More Things Change
» This Is Love
» This Is Me Leaving You
» This Shirt
» Too Tired
» Walking Through Fire
» Waltz
» What If We Went To Italy
» What Was It Like
» What You Didn’t Say
» When She’s Gone
» Whenever You're Ready
» Where Time Stands Still
» Wherever You Are
» Why Walk When You Can Fly
» You Win Again