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Texty piesní od mark-chesnutt

» 'Till A Better Memory Comes Along
» Almost Goodbye
» Angelina
» Any Ole Reason
» April's Fool
» Blame It On Texas
» Broken Promise Land
» Brother Jukebox
» Bubba Shot The Jukebox
» Confessin' My Love
» Danger At My Door
» Down In Tennessee
» Fallin' Never Felt So Good
» Friends In Low Places
» Go Away
» Goin' Through The Big D
» Gonna Get A Life
» Good Night To Be Lonely
» Goodbye Heartache (Darling Welcome Home)
» Half Of Everything (And All Of My Heart)
» Halfway Back To Birmingham
» Hello Honky Tonk
» Hey You There In The Mirror
» I Don't Know Why I Do It
» I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
» I Drew Me
» I Just Wanted You To Know
» I Might Have Even Quit Loving You
» I Want My Baby Back
» I'll Get You Back
» I'll Think Of Something
» I'm Gone
» I'm In Love With A Married Woman
» I'm Not Gettin' Any Better At Good-Byes
» It Pays Big Money
» It Sure is Monday
» It Wouldn't Hurt To Have Wings
» It's Almost Like You're Here
» It's Not Over(If I'm Not Over You)
» Jolie
» Just Right For You
» Let It Rain
» Let's Talk About Our Love
» Live A Little
» Lost In The Feeling
» Love In The Hot Afternoon
» Lucky Man
» My Dreams
» My Heart's Too Broke(To Pay Attention)
» My Way Back Home
» Numbers On The Jukebox
» Old Country
» Old Flames Have New Names
» Population Minus One
» Postpone The Pain
» Sacred As A Sunday
» She Dreams
» She Was
» Somewhere Out There Tonight
» Talking To Hank
» Texas Is Bigger Than It Used To Be
» Thank God For Believers
» That Side Of You
» That's The Way You Make An Ex
» The King Of Broken Hearts
» The Will
» This Heartache Never Sleeps
» This Side Of The Door
» Tonight I'll Let My Memory Take Me Home
» Too Cold at Home
» Trouble
» Try Being Me
» Uptown,Downtown(Misery's All The Same)
» Useless
» Vickie Vance Gotta Dance
» What A Way To Live
» What Was You Thinking
» Wherever You Are
» Who Will The Next Fool Be
» Woman, Sensous Woman
» Wrong Place, Wrong Time
» You'd Be Wrong
» Your Love Is A Miracle