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Mariah Carey - Sunflowers

Verse 1
Thank You For Forgiving
Hurtful Thngs I've Done As A Child
Adolescent Or Woman
Thank You For Embracing A Flaxen-Haired Baby
Although I'm Aware You Had Doubts
I Guess Anybody'd Have Had Doubts

Verse 2
Please Be At Peace Father
I'm At Peace With You
Bitterness Isn't Worth Cling To
After All The Anguish We've All Been Through

Verse 3
Thank You For The Mountains
The Lake Of The Clouds
I'm Picturing You And Me There Right Now
As The Crystal Cascades Showered Down

Strange To Feel That Proud, Strong Man
Grip Tightly To My Hand
Hard To Seee The Life Inside
Wane As The Days Went By
Trying To Preserve Each Word
He Murmered In My Ear
Watch Part Of My Life Disappear

Verse 4
Father, Thanks For Reaching Out And Lovingly
Saying That You've Always Been Proud Of Me
I Needed To Feel That So Desperately
You're Always Alive Inside Of Me
Now You're Shining Like
A Sunflower Up In The Sky
Way Up High

2007-08-18 04:20:17, Richie