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Mariah Carey - I Still Believe (Pure Imagination Remix)

Baby I still believe (Still believe)
And it's more then my imagination
It's so real
I know we're gonna be together
(And I believe we can still be together)

If you still believe (I do believe)
You will find
Everything you're searching for, maybe more

But boy you seem to be
Lost in uncertainty
But when you wake up
You will know you never shoulda let it go

Believe in your feelin', that's always been sure
I just weren't too certain that yours were
Legitimate, genuine, really the real McCoy

And after all this time
You look into my eyes
And everything is still the same
My love for you won't fade away

1 - Baby I still believe
And it's more then my imagination
It's so real
I know we're gonna be together
Baby I had a dream
And it's more then my imagination
Because I still believe we belong together

I'm still a believer of this, so stop
Just listen and look into my eyes
I want you to visualize
And realize
They say that it never been to easy
Being Krayzie Bone
To be's even better than we're to persuade you
Rather than in my brain, crunk who we say

I figure that's why they be calling me Krayzie
Cuz I still maintain
But we gotta struggle through all them hard times
And I gotta tell you peace and happiness is hard to find
(Come on)
We can get there
I'm not tryin' to make excuses or reasons
But these demons got me seeing things
That's really been misleadin' me
But baby, that's just my life
Maybe I'm just a thug, cold-hearted
But I could feel the love

Just keep the faith, and don't break it
Shake all them fakers and haters
It makes me feel who could make it
I say yeah, uh huh
You got to believe it
You got to believe it

Repeat 1

If you want to view paradise
Think about our love and view it
Nothing could be closer to it
If we don't believe, we'll lose it

2007-08-18 04:20:26, Richie