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Mando Diao - The Band

I’ve played that song from long ago
When every morning longed to fall
It broke my sighs and my regrets
It stumbled on the steps
You’ve build for climbing towards me
Now it feels like sinners in the sun
When I say -

I said I’d die for you
Or was it in my head
I took you down on ouzo
And now I think I’d rather see you dead

I said i die for you
or was it in my head
you took me down on oszo
and then you say you'd rahter see me dead

If my depression stood the wind
I spat the devil up his chin
It couldn’t do me any harm
It roughed my steel and shut my mouth
My late impression
Oh, that rain that’s iching on my skin
When I say-

I said I die for you

2007-08-18 04:14:20, Richie