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Nedeľa 9. august 2020 | Meniny má Ľubomíra, zajtra Vavrinec › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Madball - Never Look Back

i know its hard for me to see,
the way things have come to be but i must leave it be.
cant keep looking back,
i dont know how to act.
i dont know where to start,
i know ive been here before.
my conscience still believes that it was on me.
my guilty heart bleeds dont want to feel this no more.
so tell me something since youve done nothing except you lied to me.
you said youd never leave,
after all this i wanted to believe that you still care about my life.
just tell me something so i can go in peace cuz we could not make that sacrifice.
after all this i wanted to believe that you still care about me.
its hard to see, but it must be,
you take away a piece of me.
i never take a step back,
never look back.
ive come to face the facts and i know where you stand.
i wont take another step back, never look back.

2007-08-18 04:10:19, Richie