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Mad Caddies - Mary Melody

I've got this thing about you now
I tried to understand so baby let me show you how
You changed my life the day you showed up at my door
I've got this notion in my head
If i got forward then I jump back again into
my routine of misery
I try harder just to get along today
Can't see things through
Got just one chance and
I'm barely hangin on
What can I do
When I'm with you
It's all I got
My forbidden pleasure and a life of smoking pot
It's who I am, and I can't change
The stops have been removed but then our lives are still the same again
That's who I am

Our days on earth are short I know
With a little new direction I can find out where to go
And maybe when I get there, baby I'll see you

Oh Mia, just awnna see ya
Cause you're my left footed girl
Oh baby, just don't say maybe
Cause you're my left footed girl

2007-08-18 04:09:59, Richie