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Mack 10 - That Bitch Is Bad

[Chorus: Mannie Fresh (Mack 10)] x1
All I do
Is think about fuckin' you (Yo)
Got me gone, Pussy won't let me go home (That bitch is ba ba ba ba bad)
Trick and cash, Just so I can hit that ass (Ba ba ba ba bad....Yo)
Your the one, Want for you to have my son

[Verse 1: Mack 10]
I had this bitch name Katrina, that lived in Pasadena
It's like my dick would get hard, every time I seen her
She had bold legs, ass, and a big fat clit
I gotta admit, I even spoiled this bitch a little bit
The homies said I was trickin' and actin all mooshy
Yeah but call it what you want, she had some bomb ass pussy
Smart as fuck educated pretty little hoe
You know the kind a bitch you really didn't mind doin' shit fo'
Hell I bought the bitch cars, gucci, and prada
Plus it wasn't shit for me to just slide her a few dollars
Man one of us caught up, the ass was on stack
I used to love to pull up hair when I fucked her from the back
I used to spank her ass choke her deep dick and ruff sex
She said she like it like that, she was from the projects
She used to look back smile and say I love you boo
And shit the pussy was so good, I'd say I love you too
Fuck It

[Chorus: Mannie Fresh (Mack 10)] x1
All I do
Is think about fuckin' you
Got me gone, pussy won't let me go home (That bitch is ba ba ba ba bad)
Trick and cash, just so I can hit that ass
Your the one, want for you to have my son

[Verse 2: Mannie Fresh]
When the sex is like incredible, nigga you been there before
You don't wanna call her a hoe, but you know deep down she is a hoe
Gotta her name tatooed up on yo' chest
bitch always pushin up nuthin but mess
Gotcha keys, (?) , but you ain't push the caine
every time you see them breast
Parents goin, what a shame, gave that bitch yo last name
She came through and scooped you like a serious verious hurracaine
She fucked you, sucked you, treat you nice
suckd yo' nuts with a lot of ice
Make you cum not once but twice
then make you some eggs and rice
Pussy's like a hustle, she got you you with her muscle
No need to fight and tussle, let it go don't russell
Big girls swalla, little girls spit
if I was in yo shoes I'd be hooked on that shit
Playa I been there before, had myself a bad hoe
Fuck DMX, that groupNEXT, and even boned that nigga Jewel
Stutta..Stutta..Mutha Fucka mouth was the shit
Now I know why the whole music industry love that bitch

[Chorus: Mannie Fresh] x1

[Verse 3: Mack 10]
I been a bread winner and a gold dayton spinner
And I like a high class hoe with a little ghetto in her
This cah money now and as a matter of fact

2007-08-18 04:09:38, Richie