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Pondelok 10. august 2020 | Meniny má Vavrinec, zajtra Zuzana › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Mack 10 - Get A Lil' Head

featuring Boo Kapone Techniec Binky CJ Mac

Intro: Mack 10

This goes out to all them niggas that got the ups on these hoes
And that willy don't give a mad ass fuck about a bitch
Tell em Techniec....

Verse One: Techniec CJ Mac

Listen up baby yo I'm talkin to you (you)
about what your fast ass need to be goin thru (aha)
I see the ho in you (you) it ain't hard to go in you
And I be fo' sho' a fool if I invest some dough in you
I gotta show to do so cut straight to the chase
Got five minutes, get in it, nuts straight to ya face (BLAOW!)
In case you lost all your morals (What?)
I know more hoes that specialise in oral (Open up!)
I like that, sleep good on the flight back (uhh), spread the word
The first night back that's on the Beach
Outta town I met a freak with chips, made a nigga bust like Keith
(God damn!)
Mo' head the better while I go head for the cheddar (Uhuh, wassup?)

Man, I got a bitch bad as Shante Moore (Fo' sho'?)
but I don't love that ho (why?) cos cash all I got love for
She like to fuck, I like to get my dick sucked (uhuh)
She gave me head while baby stashed her fingers in her butt (Nasty bitch)
I told her "Baby, if you wanna be my honey (be my honey)
you gotta suck my dick and you gots ta give me money" (Got to)
She shook her head and she moaned out load (Ohhhh)
She couldn't answer back, she had my dick in her mouth (ha ha)
Ain't makin like a pretty bitch gogglin balls (Wassup?)
Especially if the pretty bitch is gogglin yours (or mine)
I need a bitch to blow me out like a candle (wooof!)
With lips like Badu and a mouth like Teisha Campbell (Fo' sho')


Get a lil' head, make a lil' love
Get sucked down tonight, sucked down tonight

[Mack 10] Whattup Binky Mac?

Verse Two: Binky Mac, Boo Kapone

Fuckin for riches, elegant model bitches (Uhh)
My mind's in a right perspective, I keeps it temptin
She's seen somethin glistenin and any ho will copper
Binky from that Hoo Bangin, mobsters eatin lobsters (Ha ha)
Boo sent me a bitch he thought I couldn't handle
Wanna 4' 5", gettin head, lookin like Naomi Campbell (Nasty bee-yatch)
*?Fiona Folanda?* all the way to Gidget (What?)
Ain't fuckin wit no hoes 'less they makin over six digits (That's right)

Check it, that bitch is fine, finest made wine (Uhuh)
Let me hit it from behind cos I'm down with Mack-Dime (That's right, nigga)
That bitch gave me the sex (what?) wit no flex
Plus that loot was mesmerised off of Binky Mac's row
"Ain't y'all rappers? Don't y'all Hoo Bang?" (Uhuh)
Yes, shut your mouth, give up the pootang (Give it up, beeyatch!)
I make ya moan (what?) and groan (what?)
Bitch, look me in my eyes, you gettin fucked by Boo Kapone
(Dig that bitch out, Boo)
You better shake it (what?), til you break it (uhh)
Jump outcha clothes and get buck-ed naked (Take it off)
I smash, I blast, I left her gash (ha ha)
I pull a train like my name was Joe Flash


Verse Three: Mack 10

See a bitch is a bitch is a ho is a ho (uhuh)
And which one of y'all gonna blow Mack 1-0 (Who?)
One bitch said "Me, I'll hit my knees like a crawler
Mack, I'll suck your dick, I just love a big baller"
I whipped it out she said
"Damn, it's like the neck on a giraffe (God damn)
I'll spend a hour down south for you to nut in my mouth
I'm a pro at sex, I ride a dick like a Honda (Ha ha)
My name is Rhonda", well Rhonda, meet Anaconda
Start suckin and slurpin and hummin when you do me
"I'm a fan of yours, then will you do somethin to me (No)
I love a thug nigga that a pack a few Glocks (ha ha)
Mack, don't mak

2007-08-18 04:09:29, Richie