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Streda 17. júl 2019 | Meniny má Bohuslav, zajtra Kamila › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Lionel Richie - Hello Remix

bin alone wit u inside my mind (mind mind)
and in my dreams ive kissed ur lips a thosand times
ive sometimes seen u pass outside my door (door door)
is it me ur lookin 4
i can c it in ur eyes (let me look in ur eyes)
i can c it in ur smile (check out the smile)
ur all ive eva wanted
my arms are open wide
cos u no jst wat 2 say and u no jst wat 2 do
and i wana tel u so much iiiiiii love u

i just on the x floor
she just on the dance floor
thats the girl that i bin searchin hopin u lookin 4
im like a kid in a candy store baby baby just gimme gimme more
its like a contract 2 contact cock it back take it in pick up the impact

ill often c the sunlight in ur hair
and tel u time and time agen how much i care
sumtimes i feel my heart wil over flow (cos its a 1 an all 1 at the party)
hello (hello wab lo)
i just got 2 let u no

cos i wonder where u r
and i wonder wat u do
r u somewhere feelin lonely
is some1 lovin u
tel me how 2 win ur heart cos i havent got a clue
but let me start by sayin iiiiii love u

lights down
my time 2 shine
ready and waitin (come on come onnnnn)
move it into place

over here over there
everybody dancin oh yea (oh)
1 drive 1 chance
a 1 dance chick i need 2 romance
ride it baby dnt u stop
i wana c u make that party rock
ride it baby all nite long wen u here me sing this song

2007-08-18 03:30:13, Richie