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Leona Lewis - Take A Bow

The flowers are faded now
Along with your letters
They will never
See the light of day
‘Cause I’ll never take them out
And there’s no turning back
It’s for the better
Baby I deserve
More than empty words and promises
I believed everything you said
And I gave you the best I had

So take a bow
‘Cause you’ve taken everything else
You played the part
And like a star you played it so well
Take a bow
‘Cause this scene is coming to an end
I gave you love
All you gave me was pretend
So now
Take a bow

The future’s about to change
Before you know it
The curtain closes
Take a look around
There’s no one in the crowd
I’m throwing away the pain
And you should know that
Your performance
It made me stronger now


Well it must of been sleight of hand
‘Cause I still can’t understand
How I could never see
Just what a fool believes
But the lies they start to show
Tell me how does it feel to know right now
That I won’t be around
So baby before I put you out



So take a bow

2008-04-13 19:34:23, Richie