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Kris Dayanti - Lost In The Strom

"Lost in the strom of yellow sand
A distant voice sings a song
makea me cry because I
want to forget
Don't know why seems that I'm better of if
I leave it behind and move on

The melody comes in my sleep
that far away, haunting song
Know it well but I don't want to hear it
Time will tell don't want to remember it
His voice might just be a mirage

The song I hear in my head
Can only bring me tragedy
Know I still love him
But does he still love me

There's somebody, Out there who could mean more to me, than you...
There's somebody, Who could love me more than you do...
But I sit here and count sand...
All alone 'cuz I'm, Lost in the strom

The desert sand is full of tears
And still I walk the strom alone
Wondering, like a dream, but I need more
Like a stream, Underneath, the desert floor
This never ending search I'm on...


You lied to me
You lied to me
You lied to me
My heart cries out
(Please, please tell me)
What I wanna know is the truth you see
I'm afraid of, asking who you really love
because I know, that the answer might not be me
I tried to smile and forget
But from that day I've been
Lost in the strom..."

2007-08-18 03:35:16, Richie