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Sobota 29. február 2020 | Meniny má Radomír, zajtra Albín › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Kim Wilde - Never Trust a Stranger

Something's coming down the street
something static under your feet

Never looking left or right 'cos shelljust blow you out of sight.
She's never waiting on your smile - devastating
what's in her style?
Situation no-go zone
but shell cut loose when she's alone.

She's a love blonde
she's a love blonde

She's a love blonde
she's got that sensuality for love.
When the boys say

how you been
what you doin'
can we get in?"
Eyes'll flash and lips will smile
but shell just tease them for a while

'cos now you see her
now you don't. You could be there
only you won't.
If you've got that

Savoir Faire"
that girl knows and she's aware.
She's a love blonde
she's a love blonde
. . .
if you fill her dreams tonight
just lay back and hold on tight.
She's a love blonde
she's a love blonde
. . .
She's a love blonde. she's a love blonde
. . .

2007-08-18 02:50:13, Richie