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Jude - Homerun Hilary

Your picture
was in the news
a piece of paper my friends
may have burned but it refused

and though you
wore a smile
the muscles that you flex too much
look tired after a while
and you always forced your style

I wrote you
love notes
I pulled you from fights
I even dug moats
so I could swim at night
to my homerun hilary

I've only just begun
to live again and be my own best friend
and now yo've come

a vampire
must be fed
but oh, oh I'm unwilling to be bled

it took a fast pitch
on the inside
and like a white whitch
on a mercy ride
it's my homerun hilary

my homerun hilary

reach for the sky homerun hilary

2007-08-18 03:18:49, Richie