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Jefferson Airplane - Watch Her Ride

(Paul Kantner)

I didn't know you were the one for me, I couldn't see
But you were waiting,
For someone to come along to help you out to sing your song,
And I was changing;
All I see is you; All I feel is you for me!

And I would really like to watch you ride;
And always feel you by my side;
I would really like to watch you ride
All on me!

I go stumbling to the sky, and I seem to fly so high
I see you, I feel you;
You have a way of walking 'round your feet they never touch the ground,
And you are shining;
All I see is you; All I feel is you for me!

Times don't change; Times don't ever change for me;
And I know that you could be the only thing in my world,
The only thing that my mind would find;
For love, for love and peace of mind, for me, for me; Oh

Your Shadow in the morning sun becomes my fun, and we can say,
"I love you, love you;"
My morning shines on silver beaches, your light flashes to the reaches
Of my mind, my mind, of
My mind, and my mind it comes alive with you;
It's all that I can do to sit here and let you blow my mind;
Ah! My mind,
You're so fine, in my mind you're so fine, in my mind you're so fine,
You're so fine, in my mind, you're so fine in mind.

2007-08-18 02:30:19, Richie