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Jaguar Wright - The What If's

See, I got all the right questions; you got all the wrong answers.
And I got all of the sadness and you end up with all the laughter.
I think of the rules and I treat you right
but you get the last laugh every time.
Now tell me baby do that sound right?

Can't blame it on love 'cause common sense, it plays its part.
Can't blame it on you 'cause on you, 'cause you don't rule my heart.
Can't blame it on her, she can't be that smart
'Cause messing with you, she gon' get a broken heart.
So what if? What if? What if?

See every time I try to leave, you think of new reasons of why I should stay.
Every time I say, ¡

2007-08-18 02:23:12, Richie