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Sobota 4. apríl 2020 | Meniny má Izidor, zajtra Miroslava › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Jagged Edge - I Got It 2 (Feat. Nas)

(Jermaine Dupri)
Y'all know where we takin' this
J-E y'all, Nas, So So Def

I'm nasty, never let a pretty face pass me
C'mon y'all knowin' it's easy
For me to get a good girl
Turn her out to sleasy and trashy
She's freaky, live in the bed
Make baby girl eyes roll in her head
This what you need
My mission's to please
Hands to the sky, Nas, J-E

(Jagged Edge)
Your girl said you was out looking for me
If so then you need to come and see
If you're ready for a night that you will never forget
I'll give you pleasure and real love
If you let me...

Baby tell me what it is you want from me
Don't beat around the bush if you want my body

If you want it girl, I got it
Come and get with me
Girl I'll turn your body inside out
And bring extasy
If you want it, baby come and bring your body at me
If you need it, girl I got it, got it
Got-got-got got it, come on

Trust me girl
You need to come with me
I've searched all around the world
Finding you is like a dream
When we wake up, you won't feel the same about me
Cause you'll realize
You're life won't be the same without me, whoa

Baby tell me what it is you want from me
Don't beat around the bush if you want my body


Just you and me
I told you bring your body, to me
And tell everybody about me
The things I'll do to your body
You'll love me and we can be

Girl what's your astrology, virgo?
If so, you the same sign as me
Gemini's are fly, the kind I need
Love Aquarius and Pisces
Can't leave a Libra
I live life day to day
Let a playa play
Supportin' my women
All my Capricorns and Scorpio women
Leo's and Cancer, girls be bad
Only sign I can't deal with is Sag
Confusin' my enemies
Never losin, clever movement
Act smooth where the women be
Amused by my energy
When they choose me
I just tell 'em the music's my remedy
I just swell 'em and leave 'em swolled
And girl this is somethin' that you need to know

Chorus 2x

2007-08-18 02:22:56, Richie